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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Trojan War

The Trojan Horse

   This fresco was created in homage to the greatest war of all of ancient history.  This semi-mythological war involved almost every god and demigod of the age.  While a city that could have been "Troy" has been found, the actual war could not have happened as is said.  In an attempt to finalize the incredibly tedious ten year war, the Greeks decided to facade a surrender.  As a "peace offering", they sent a hallowed horse to the border of the unscalable Trojan fortifications.  As we know, Laocoon, along with the priestess Kassandra, had warned against the Trojan's acceptance of such a gift, but nonetheless the gift was brought into the city, and a great celebration arrose.  Athena is seen in the furthest left statue, with her shield and helmet, watching the scene unfold, over her sanctuary.  She will not defend her people, but allows for insanity to ensue.  In the hollowed horse, a handful of Greek soldiers waited for the perfect moment to strike.  After the Trojans had all returned to their homes, drunk and exhausted, the Greeks would invade the city, destroy the walls, and begin the final scene to the entire war.  

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