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Monday, March 31, 2014

Dying Warrior

There is more to the Greek Archaic period than painted vessels and kouroi.  The Temple of Aphaia in Aegina was constructed during this time, around 500 BCE, and its pediment figures are reminiscent of the kouros style.  On the West Pediment of this temple, many warriors are participating in an expedition at Troy with Athena in the center as the warrior goddess.  In the right corner of the pediment, a Dying Warrior raises himself on a bent elbow while pulling out a fatal arrow from his chest.  Even though the warrior is dying heroically, his face remains forward and unattached to the viewer down below with the characteristic “Archaic smile” and rigid features.  Unlike the kouros though, this warrior bends and is part of the narration of an event which marks it as a step towards the classical art period.

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