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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fast Facts

Copy of Sosos' Dove Mosaic

Sosos of Pergamum -- Mosaicist who was only ever mentioned in literary sources (Pliny the elder)

Hephaistion -- Mosaicist who signed his work
The Lion Hunt by Hephaistion

Mykonos Vase

Mykonos vase -- early 7th-century pithos (storage jar) with scenes from the Trojan War, including an early representation of the Trojan Horse (Boardman, Oxford History of Classical Art, 35-36)

Chigi Vase

Chigi vase -- A polychrome vase found in an Etruscan tomb with friezes of mythology and genre scenes

Vitruvius -- wrote a notable book about architecture including invaluable sketches and notations about buildings that no longer exist today.

Initiation Rites of the Cult of Bacchus

Initiation Rites of the Cult of Bacchus from the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii -- Roman trompe l'oeil (painting that looks like real objects) is heavily used in this scene. 

Ixion Being Punished

The House of the Vettii -- House in Pompeii filled with frescoes including this one of Ixion being punished on a flaming wheel

Praxitiles' Aphrodite

Cnidian Aphrodite by Praxitiles -- first lifesize reproduction of the nude female form

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